Have you been strongly considering starting your own tyre business?


You’re lacking confidence with all the "business stuff".

Think you would thrive if you had a sales and marketing team right behind you?

Curious about competitive pricing within the market place?

What if we had a 60-day guaranteed return on investment?

Well... The solution is finally here!

Franchise Opportunity

Why Choose our Franchise Model?

Did you know that new franchise opportunities have a whopping 90% success rate in comparison to independent start up businesses having only a 40% success rate?

Sounds like a big difference right? It is, but it's not unbelievable and here's the reasons why...

Tested & Proven

ALPHA tyres was first founded in September 2019 by directors James and Jemima Hayes. It was humble beginnings bootstrapped out of the back of a ute and their garage. In just 4 action packed years the team scaled to three locations across the state. James and Jemima share a passion for small business and have a dream to build a national brand that provides opportunity to young men and women in the tyre industry. We are so confident in what we have to offer we will honour a 60 day return on investment guarantee.

Support & Guidance

Over the years experiencing massive growth we have learnt so much and are well aware of the inevitable bottle necks when starting or scaling small business. We offer weekly workshop's/ coaching calls to continuously help you develop as an operator.

Competitive Advantage

We understand that starting from scratch is tough.

It takes time to build relationships and volume so that your pricing is competitive in the market place. That's where we come in to help when you join our team.

But it's more than just pricing, it's our sales and marketing team that is boots on the ground full time dedicated to getting you and your business known in the local community. You can focus on the delivery of service and we do the rest.

What are you waiting for?

Click the button below to register your interest and gain access to this incredible opportunity with a 60-day guaranteed return on investment.

Franchise Opportunity